Richard Moreau, Director Emergency Management Training at Calian Group  



BIO - Mr. Richard Moreau is an emergency management, security and defence professional with over thirty-five (37) years of experience in defence and military operations, emergency management (EM), security and intelligence fields. Mr. Moreau has extensive experience in developing and conducting training and exercises with public and private sector clients and was regularly solicited to provide subject matter expertise for the development of Command and Control systems, command centers and developing emergency response plans, procedures and processes. Recently, Mr. Moreau was the Special Advisor to the Canadian Coast Guard for the design, development, construction and fit-up of their new National Command Centre. Richard joined the Calian family as the director of Emergency Management Solutions in November of 2016.

Presentation  Title - Building Organizational Resiliency through an Exercise Program

Synopsis -  Investing in the implementation of an Exercise Program is a cost effective way of increasing an organization's resiliency. Adopting a multi-year progressive exercise cycle must be driven by the organization's risk profile and its effectiveness must be measured against your organization's criteria and objectives related to your Resiliency program. By implementing this approach, each training event will provide a progress report and dashboard allowing you to measure, assess and track progress towards achieving and maintaining the desired level of resiliency to meet industry best practices or regulatory requirements. This investment also shifts the organizations investment in Emergency Management from response and recovery to risk monitoring, early detection, prevention & mitigation and finally preparedness. The intent is to enhance organizational resiliency and preparedness to minimize risk exposure and impact on the organization resulting in lower response and recovery cost.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Richard's presentation:

  • Risk based approach to Exercise Program
  • Benefits of taking a program approach to exercise requirement
  • Advantages of adopting a multi-year exercise cycle
  • Importance of linking exercise evaluation or performance measurement criteria to your resiliency program
  • Cost effectiveness of shifting investment in EM from response and mitigation to risk monitoring, early detection, prevention & mitigation and finally preparedness

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