Your DRIE Ottawa Executive Committee is in need of volunteers. 

We have two retirements, one resignation due to personal commitments and one position that has gone unfilled since the Director moved across the country.

If you are a professional in any of the following disciplines, and you want to give back to the profession that has provided you with a fulfilling career, then your DRIE Ottawa Chapter very much wants to hear from you. Speak to any of the DRIE Executive at our events, email any of us (see the contacts page of this website) or email Lisa -
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Management 
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security
  • Physical Security 
We have the following openings:
  • Secretary
  • Communications Director
  • Marketing/Sponsorship Director
  • Membership Director

A description of the duties for these roles can be found here:

The Secretary is responsible to prepare, maintain and distribute chapter related documentation.  This includes, but is not limited to the Executive Manual, Record of Motions, EC meeting schedule, agendas and records of discussions.

    General Duties
  • Prepare, distribute and revise the annual EC meeting schedule, in consultation with the EC members
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas to EC and ES members
  • Take notes at meetings.  Prepare, distribute and revise records of discussions, in consultation with the EC and ES members
  • Maintain the Executive Manual and Record of Motions by annually reviewing for currency and/or relevancy
  • Arrange teleconference meetings, or other means of meeting when required
  • Aggregate and distribute member suggested potential speakers and topics to EC members
    Event Tasks
  • Prepare speaker evaluation forms prior to every meeting
  • Collect and collate speaker evaluation forms [Lisa]
  • Distribute event evaluation summary to EC and ES members [Lisa]
  • Maintain – EC documents on the website

The Communications Director is responsible to manage communications with chapter members through the creation and distribution of DRIE communiques. They are the principle coordinator for the Dr. Wayne Boone Scholarship Award program.

    General Duties
  • Monitor, communicate with and manage communications and feedback from members (
  • Write, edit and dispatch all DRIE Communiqués
  • Maintain Calendar of Events module
  • Principle coordinator and prime contact/lead for the Dr. Wayne Boone Scholarship Award program              
    • Custodian and maintainer of the Dr. Wayne Boone Scholarship Award plaque
    • Ensure Dr. Wayne Boone Award plaque is at every public meeting
    • Coordinate efforts to socialize with the national capital organizations (public, private and educational sectors) to encourage applicants and to convey the many benefits of membership 
    • Coordinate fund raising efforts with potential donors in an effort to sustain a level of financial support for the Wayne Boone Memorial Scholarship
    • Create and maintain the Awards Committee
    Event Tasks
  • As required

The Marketing/Sponsorship Director is responsible to develop and maintain marketing strategies and materials for promotional and recruitment purposes. They work closely with the Events Director and Treasurer regarding event logistics for sponsors and exhibitors.

    General Duties
  • Develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive marketing strategy and supporting program designed to attract and maintain sponsors, paying exhibitors and members
  • Develop new marketing materials (Videos, flyers…. etc.) to implement the above strategies, either personally or through a volunteer with the needed video and graphic arts skills or through a statement of work and contract with a specialist
  • Act as a point of contact between Chapter and sponsors & paying exhibitors for all correspondence except invoicing
  • Coordinate with Treasurer regarding the invoicing of sponsors and paying exhibitors
  • Provide names to Event Coordinator of sponsors and paying exhibitors for name tags
  • Work with Treasurer to resolve delinquent sponsor and paying exhibitor accounts payable issues
    Event Tasks
  • Present draft advertising materials to the EC three meetings prior to an event for approval
  • Ensure advertising materials are printed and distributed to EC & ES members as required two meetings prior to an event
  • Act as liaison with sponsors and paying exhibitors [with the Vice President]
  • Prepare and forward invitations and related sponsor and/or paying exhibitor documentation to sponsors and/or paying exhibitors

The Membership Director is responsible to manage membership related activities including the member database, dues, invoicing and renewals.

    General Duties
  • Maintain a data base of all memberships
  • Address membership questions
  • Assist new members with their applications
  • Coordinate membership renewals with the Treasurer
  • Invoice members for membership dues
  • Assist with member payment issues (outstanding invoices, assisting members in their efforts to pay their invoices, including forwarding the requests to set up direct deposit to the Treasurer)
  • Support the Treasurer in reconciling payments (received by means other than PayPal) to invoices, registering the payment and issuing the receipt
  • Monitor and maintain to a minimum, the number of bounced e-mails, due to invalid e-mail addresses
  • Monitor and report on overall membership renewals
  • Chapter Privacy Officer
    Event Tasks
  • Review event registration list to confirm that all “Member” registrants are paid-up and not in arrears. (Minimum March event)
  • Assist the Events Director & Registration Desk at quarterly meetings
  • Prepare CEU certificates for distribution at the Registration Desk

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