Andrew Chester - President of Juno Risk Solutions 



BIO - President of Juno Risk Solutions. Previously Executive Secretary Joint Operational Resilience Management (JORM) January 2012 – October 2015. The Joint Operational Resilience Management (JORM) program is a public-private partnership that links members of major Canadian banks, financial market infrastructure providers (FMIs) and the federal government for the purposes of enhancing business resilience. It's mandate includes a range of operational risks including cybersecurity.

Presentation Title - Designing an Active Shooter Exercise

Synopsis - While other business outages can challenge an organization, dealing with the possibility of extreme violence in the workplace through an exercise can pose significant emotional challenges in its design and presentation within an organization. 

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Andrew's presentation:

  1. Active shooter is a threat that cannot be ignored 
  2. There is a duty of care to an organization’s staff and stakeholders to prepare for this scenario
  3. Leveraging existing plans provides a foundation but specific planning for the external assistance required for the aftermath is key
  4. First responders, landlords and neighbours can support but iterative engagement will yield better results
  5. Planning the emotional impact to the organization within the exercise design promotes realism and creates challenges to leaders who have not faced this issue in the past


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