Christina Daly, Senior Account Executive, Eagle Professional Resources
(September 14th, 2016) 



BIO - Christina Daly is a Senior Account Executive with over ten years of experience in the staffing industry providing account management services. Her focus is the provision of IT Professional Services for Federal Government, Crown Corporation, and Private industry clients. Christina’s knowledge of the IT industry, the public sector, contract negotiation and client management skills contribute directly to company growth and business development. She is passionate and will go above and beyond for each of her clients to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of service and return on investment. 

Presentation  Title - Contracting in the Public Service &/or Private Industry

 - Moving from an FTE into Contracting

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Christina's presentation:

  • Understanding the Fed Gov procurement process
  • Preparing your resume
  • Tools & Tricks (ie: TDC)
  • General information in regards to contracting
  • CRA rules & requirements
After Thoughts - "Contracting in the Public Service &/or Private Industry" could have been titled "Everything you want to know about becoming a consultant but were afraid to ask".  If you are, or are about to, retire but want to keep busy;  want to be your own boss; have a thirst for learning; or you want to earn more money than working as an employee will provide, then consulting maybe for you.  Christina went through the pros and cons as well as things to consider, how to estimate what your pay would be and the risks of being a generalist.  Members can check Christina's presentation here

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