Jim Montgomery, Deputy Chief, Emergency Management, City of Ottawa  



BIO - After 32 years of service with Ottawa Police Service, Jim retired at the end of May 2009 and became the Deputy Chief for the City of Ottawa’s Office of Emergency Management.  Over the past three years, Jim has played a critical role in the implementation of a comprehensive and integrated emergency management program. 
Jim has extensive experience in planning, coordinating and commanding operations for major events on the municipal and international level.
Jim is a Steering Committee Member and an Instructor for Emergency Management Ontario’s Incident Management System, at all levels; from Introduction to Intermediate.  He currently sits on Algonquin College’s Emergency Management Advisory Committee and the Emergency Management Accreditation Program’s Technical Committee.

Presentation  Title - Municipal Critical Infrastructure & Your Dependencies

Synopsis - Business Continuity or Continuity of Operations; you can have resiliency/redundancy plans on how to maintain critical operations, what happens when the local authority decides on your municipal infrastructure restoration priorities

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Jim's presentation:

  • What dependencies do you have on your local infrastructure providers
  • What relationship do you have with your local infrastructure providers
  • You can only control what you own – or can you
  • Critical infrastructure interdependencies – spider web network
After Thoughts:
A home run by Jim....or as one candid commenter said "Smokin!". Great slides supported an excellent presenter.  Jim's presentation really made us think twice about the infrastructure that we just assume will always be there when we need it.

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