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Christina Daly, Senior Account Executive, Eagle Professional Resources
(September 14th, 2016) 



BIO - Christina Daly is a Senior Account Executive with over ten years of experience in the staffing industry providing account management services. Her focus is the provision of IT Professional Services for Federal Government, Crown Corporation, and Private industry clients. Christina’s knowledge of the IT industry, the public sector, contract negotiation and client management skills contribute directly to company growth and business development. She is passionate and will go above and beyond for each of her clients to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of service and return on investment. 

Presentation  Title - Contracting in the Public Service &/or Private Industry

 - Moving from an FTE into Contracting

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Christina's presentation:

  • Understanding the Fed Gov procurement process
  • Preparing your resume
  • Tools & Tricks (ie: TDC)
  • General information in regards to contracting
  • CRA rules & requirements
Christina's presentation - "Contracting in the Public Service &/or Private Industry" could have been titled "Everything you want to know about becoming a consultant but were afraid to ask".  If you are, or are about to, retire but want to keep busy;  want to be your own boss; have a thirst for learning; or you want to earn more money than working as an employee will provide, then consulting maybe for you.  Christina went through the pros and cons as well as things to consider, how to estimate what your pay would be and the risks of being a generalist.  Check out her presentation for all the details here

Kevin Logue, Program Manager Operation INTERSECT, Ottawa Police Service (September 14th, 2016)



Unfortunately Kevin was not able to present at the September 14th event.
 - Kevin Logue is a civilian member of the Ottawa Police Service and Program Manager of Operation INTERSECT

Presentation  Title - 

Synopsis - For many years, the Operation INTERSECT program has brought together organizations from the private and public sectors within the NCR to share intelligence, to coordinate planning and training, and to assist in emergency response. Established in 2006 and enhanced in late 2008, Operation INTERSECT’s primary mission is to ensure partners are aware of any emergency or potential threat and provide a forum where they can work together to strengthen the NCR’s ability to deal with natural and human?caused disasters or other emergencies. One of the program’s main goals is to provide decision makers with accurate and timely information that will allow them to make better operational decisions.
(Source -


Dave McMahon, Chief Strategist, Defence and Security, ADGA Group (June 1st, 2016)




BIO - Dave McMahon is a scientist, engineer, c-level business executive, strategist, leader, futurist, cinematographer, coach and pro-athlete.

Chief Strategist in Defence and Security, Cyber, C5ISR and Space Domains.

He has an honours degree in computer engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and has spent the last 30 years with the military, intelligence, security and privacy community both in the public and private sectors. Formerly lead complex programs research and development at Bell Canada and CSO at Bell Security Solutions Inc. Specializing in integrated complex security, intelligence, and privacy programs for national critical infrastructures. Expert in Cyber-ISR, C5ISR, IA, and CNO. Dave has spend a career solving wicked problems for defence, special operations, security and intelligence . Recently, Dave McMahon was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Security Officer at the SecDev Group.

Today. Dave is the Chief Strategist, Defence and Security for the ADGA group. One of Canadian's most trusted professional engineering firms.

Dave's Presentation - "Think Big on Cyber" wowed us with its enormity. Dave explained how he and experts like him are using Big Data to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Members can download Dave's presentation here


Dennis Lenard, Senior Consultant CGI 
(June 1st, 2016)



BIO - Dennis Lenard, PMP, CBCP, MBCI is a Senior Technical Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Consultant.  With over 35 years of experience in industry, he offers expertise in the areas of business continuity, IT disaster recovery, project management, IT security operations and IT Management. Mr. Lenard holds certifications in project management, business continuity and ITIL.
Currently with CGI he has aided clients with analysis, creation, and exercise of their Disaster Recovery environments. Mr. Lenard’s background includes experience as a senior project management professional with a proven track record of providing teams/projects with direction, process, and automation to maximize efficiency, improve service levels, and gain cost reductions via transformation and re-engineering.

Dennis' presentation "Planning and Execution of a Disaster Recovery Live System Exercise" was a well rounded list of best practices that he has either adopted or created over his career as a BCP expert. A wealth of information for the BC/DR practioneer.

Members can download Dennis' presentation here.  

Synopsis - This presentation covers the preparation, conducting, and post exercise actions for a live IT DR exercise.
Key Points that an Attendee will take away from your presentation:

  • How to approach a live DR exercise
  • Preparation is key
  • Risks and mitigations in preparing for the exercise
  • My observations from exercises


Frank Slater, The Mank Group (June 1st, 2016)



BIO - Frank's Public and Private Sector Business Continuity and Risk Management expertise includes preparing and managing Program projects that include project and program implementation plans, policy development, conducting business and applications impact analysis, developing recovery strategies, plans writing, Program audits & gap analysis as well as plans exercising and testing. Frank's practice of Business Continuity conforms to and follows the guidance detailed in the Treasury Board Operational Security Standards – Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Program, ITIL Service Continuity Management Practices, BSI 25999, as well as the Disaster Recovery Institute Professional Practices

Frank's presentation "Execise to Prepare for Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches" confirmed that we need to be prepared.  Find out how your team would manage a Cyber incident nad help them become the experts they need to be when a real event occurs.

Members can download Frank's presentation here 

The frequency and depth of data breach events over the past two years is a clear indicator that this type of threat will continue to have one of the most profound impacts on our day to day operations. So WHEN it occurs, not IF it occurs, within our organization will we have a data breach recovery plan in our portfolio of plans and arrangements? Will it have been tested with the same rigour we put around our other BCP/ITDR exercises and tests? 
Unfortunately the answer is that most organizations don’t have a formal plan in place and will subsequently “wing-it” and the vast majority of organizations who do have plans in place do not have them tested.
We owe it to our organizations to use our extensive exercise development expertise to produce exercises that prove out data breach recovery plans. The objective of this presentation is offer guidance on setting up a Data Breach TTX, identifying the appropriate individuals who ought to be participating, choosing the scenarios that could impact operations and discussing possible injects


John Robertson, President FORTLOG Services Inc. (June 1st, 2016)



BIO - John Robertson -Founder and President of FORTLOG Services Inc., an established & trusted training company specializing in actively enabling leadership, people, and organizations to transition: workplace conflict & stress, trauma and death.
enthusiastic, empathetic and results-oriented with extensive experience in visioning, training, coaching and providing organizations with the tools to address & implement positive change solutions.
Since the late ‘80s, studying, researching and speaking on the core essentials of transformative change. 
• Change leadership, organizational
• Resilience – Individual, community, & team, 
• Crisis intervention- Peer team development, Critical event stress management,
• Vision-values driven Organizational health & wellness, 
• Proactive & intentional coaching and 
• Effective conflict resolution.
• Character based approach to leadership development
John’s unique education, experience and background combined with his belief in the natural resilience of people combined with right tools & information which enables people & organizations to prepare, adjust or recover from misfortune, crisis or change. The long-term results of improved Individual Resilience can include stronger, healthier, successful teams that work and pull together to achieve corporate goals.
Experience in a wide variety of groups including Businesses, Service organizations, First Responders: Police, Fire & EMS, Military, First Nations, Faith-based groups, Social Service organizations, School boards and Government agencies.
transition to a positive new norm positively. 
- Health care in preference to a sick care approach - instead of a reactionary change.
- Leadership for transition/change–define the vision, mission & definition of outcome/success
- Resilience – human beings are natural resilient is a core belief and practise,.
- CISM training -Peer team development -proper CISM [Critical Incident Stress Management]
- Relationship dynamics – - Healthy teams

John's presentation "The New Norm - Highlighting Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace" touched on a subject that many of our workplaces need to think about.  Using humour, and relevant examples, he informed us of the Workplace Standard and the many things we can do to create and maintain a safe, productive and positive work environment.

Members can download John's presentation here