Tony Lackey - Director Risk and Insurance  Services, Carleton University



BIO - Tony Lackey is a seasoned risk manager with over 30 years’ experience in risk management and claims administration. As Director, Risk and Insurance Services for Carleton University, his responsibilities include oversight of the university’s risk management program, including its annual risk assessment and business continuity efforts. Tony has been an instructor with the Insurance Institute of Canada, developed and led several internal risk management training programs, and presented at numerous conferences. He is a Fellow of the Global Risk Management Institute, holds the Canadian Risk Manager (CRM) certification and is a Fellow Certified Insurance Professional. Tony is an active member of the Risk and Insurance Managers Society; he is the Past President of RIMS Canadian Capital chapter, and Past Chairman Chairman of RIMS National Education Committee.

Presentation Title - Risk Management at Carleton University - Examining Risk Management Culture and Measuring Success of a Risk Management Program

Synopsis - How do you measure the success of your risk management program?   This session will look at some key factors that could be used in determining the success of a risk management program and specifically the role "creating a risk culture" plays in the program. Tony will use examples from his 15 year career at Carleton to highlight some successes and failures of Carleton’s risk management program.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Tony's presentation:

  • What is a risk culture
  • What worked, what didn't and why
  • What do risk measures look like, who uses it and how are these statistics used to influence change at Carleton University 
After Thoughts - Everything you ever wanted to know about Risk Management but were afraid to ask! To sum it up, understanding and managing your organizations risk will lower your costs and improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Not bad for doing what common sense would suggest we should already be doing. Members can check out Tony's slide deck here


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