Ken Kuehni, Senior Security Analyst, City of Ottawa  



BIO - Ken Kuehni, Senior Security Analyst, City of Ottawa
Ken spent 14 plus years working for Nortel Networks as a Senior Security Architect and lead multiple global initiatives across the many lines of businesses. During his tenure at Nortel he acquired international experience in Incident Response starting off in the days of Code Red, Nimda, and SQL Slammer. Over the years Ken honed his Incident Command skills managing events as they spread from Asia Pac, across to the UK and then over to North America. Ken further established his abilities as a security professional by attaining his CISSP, CISM, and CRISC certifications. In 2011, the time came to move when Nortel ceased operations and Ken set his sights in the direction of the City of Ottawa. Now 5 plus years later, working with the City as a Senior Security Analyst, Ken is also a Computer Incident Commander and co-author of the City’s new Computer Emergency Response Plan.

Mark Cunningham, Senior Security Analyst, City of Ottawa  



BIO - Mark Cunningham - Senior Security Analyst, City of Ottawa
Mark has invested 20 years with the City of Ottawa in the information technology field, the last 12 focused primarily on information security. He is an honours graduate of the Algonquin College Information Security Program. He has been an incident responder for large scale IT events such as Love Bug, Nimda and SQL Slammer. Mark has graduated to the role of Incident Commander at the City of Ottawa and lead the well publicized Dancing Banana incident. He is a co-author of the City’s Computer Emergency Response Plan and lead facilitator for cyber incident response training exercises. Mark is a recipient of the City of Ottawa’s highest honour for staff, the City Manager’s Award for making People a Priority.
Presentation  Title - Cyber Security Incident Response. Are You Ready?

Synopsis - When a security breach happens to your organization (and it will), the first step in the recovery process is your ability to respond effectively. Being prepared is the key to managing an incident and whether it be a line of business, or the entire corporation, the objective is to ensure priority services continue while impact to the organization is minimized.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Ken and Mark's presentation:

  • A well defined plan will save you time, effort, and a lot of unnecessary risk
  • Open lines of communication between your IT resources and your senior management will enable your response
  • Having the right skilled team identified will drive an effective response
  • Test your plan, don’t let it gather dust

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