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Our sponsor KingsBridge has invited us to their March event

BCP Mistakes You Really Want To Avoid  

Join Tam Williams for simple & secure perspectives, real-world experiences, industry best practices and practical takeaways to kick start or streamline your BCP.  Have you tried to do your own BCP and wished you‘d known the mistakes before you made them?  Each planning step sets you back two steps?  Fear not!! The BCP Mistakes You Really Want to Avoid webinar will help you recognize and avoid the mistakes that could be slowing your project. KingsBridge has been doing BCP projects since 1983 and has seen (and simplified) most mistakes that could derail your project.

This webinar will give you some insight on how to deal with simplifying your BCP, they share some frequent mistakes and some suggestions on how to not make the same mistake (that others have made) twice.  Rest assured, you are NOT the only one suffering from the over-complexity of a simple process. 

Date: March 4, 2021 

Time:  12:00 to 13:00 MST

Cost: Free to all DRIE Chapter members

To Register: Please click the following link 


DRIE WEST Chapter has invited us to join their Round Table Series 

Join DRIE Chapter colleagues for an interactive discussion to share best practices and potential challenges. 
Come prepared to discuss:
       Status of your BCM program
       How you will change your BCM program moving forward
       Current Challenges and Opportunities
       Activities your organization is considering
       PLUS: Send them other ideas via their LinkedIn page or via driewestorg@gmail.com

Registration Deadline:  March 2, 2021 

Cost: Free to members of all DRIE Chapter 

To Register: RSVP via DRIE West's website EVENTS page, registration section:  www.driewest.org/events 

For further information on this event and registration email: driewestorg@gmail.com


Previous Event

Thank you to our February event presenters for very informative presentations.  Members can access our archive for past presentations.

Student Scholarship

The 2020 Dr. Wayne Boone Memorial Scholarship will be awarded at the December meeting.

For more information about the Scholarship please click here.

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