Ken Bendelier, Manager – Cyber Situational Awareness and Liaison Team  



BIO - Ken Bendelier is the manager of the Cyber Situational Awareness and Liaison Team at the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC).   The team is responsible for major incident response coordination, cyber operational and trending analysis, cyber operational integration with Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructure, Communications and Policy organizations within Public Safety Canada, as well leading Partnership and Engagement efforts within the Centre.
Prior to joining CCIRC, Ken was responsible for the Information Protection Centre at the Canadian International Development Agency.
And, prior to joining, CIDA, Ken spent 26 years in the Canadian Forces which he joined in 1983 as an armored crewman while finishing up as a Major in the Royal Canadian Signals Corps in 2009.  In the military, Ken enjoyed a wide variety of operational deployments – some pleasant, some less so – and worked in operational, signals intelligence and computer network operations environments.
Ken has a BSC in Computing Science from Dalhousie University and a Masters in Applied Science Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada.  He currently lives in Embrun, Ontario with his wife Susan and his 2011 Dodge Challenger which is affectionately known as “Booger”.

Presentation  Title - Introduction to the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre

Synopsis - The world has entered a new industrial age. Technology is digitizing and automating every aspect of our lives—and it's happening much faster than anyone ever imagined. Technology is challenging every industry and every worker. New jobs and companies that never existed before are being created as others are being phased out. As the Internet and other technologies make communications instant, constant and affordable to people in every corner of the globe, they are reducing the competitive advantages of Canadians and citizens of other advanced economies. At the same time, they are empowering people in emerging economies. 
The growth of the internet, digital networks and use of mobile devices by individuals, governments and businesses has been matched by the growth of threats in cyberspace. Cyber capabilities that were once rare and expensive have become commonplace and affordable. As a result, a growing number of nation-states are attempting to establish their presence in the cyber domain. Non-state actors are also developing cyber capabilities, and while they often lack the sophistication and resources of nation-states, they can nevertheless be effective in conducting malicious cyber operations and in committing cybercrimes. To complicate matters further, unlike in the physical world, it is challenging to identify the origin and purpose of cyber attacks. These factors contribute to a growing cyber threat facing Canada.
This presentation will introduce CCIRC and describe its role in working with all partners to increase Canada’s cyber resiliency.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Ken's presentation:

  • Cyber security is what enables us to enjoy the benefits of a digital world while managing the risks.
  • Cyber incidents Are Unavoidable – computers are complex, pervasive, and imperfect.
  • Cyber security and cyber resiliency are a shared responsibility. No one government, organization or vendor can secure cyberspace.
    CCIRC augments the efforts of Canadian critical infrastructure and businesses in managing cyber incidents, so that their impact on Canadians is minimized.
  • CCIRC works to ensure that mechanisms to handle truly serious incidents are in place, and that organizations have the knowledge and assistance they need to manage their cyber incidents.  We leverage the huge amounts of information available, and our own capabilities, and the capabilities of the broader government community, to the benefit of our partners

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