Dale Windle, President, Aventus Solutions Inc.  



BIO - Dale Windle is the President of Aventus Solutions Inc., a security risk management services, staffing and solutions company with offices in Ottawa and Victoria, BC.
Dale is a highly experienced security risk management professional, specializing in Business Continuity, IT Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning. Dale holds Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP), Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) and Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV) certifications from the Disaster Recovery Institute. He is also a Certified Business Continuity Capability Maturity Assessor with an ITIL certificate in IT Service Management and he obtained his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2004.
Dale has been providing high quality, best practices, security risk management consulting services to private and public sector clients in North America and the Caribbean since 1997.

Presentation  Title - Integration of Cyber Security and Business Continuity Management click to find presentation

Synopsis - Cyber security threats are the number one concern of CIOs. Incorporating Cyber Security Risk Management into your BCM processes can help you understand impact, manage and mitigate cyber security risk.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Dale's presentation:

  • A high level understanding of cyber security risks
  • Potential impact of cyber security risks on business operations
  • How can BCM processes aid in understanding the impact of and manage and mitigate cyber security risk
  • How to improve Business Continuity Plans to increase preparedness and response capabilities in relation to cyber security risks

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