Ann Nitschke, Senior Exercise Officer, DSO - Privy Council Office



BIO - Ann has 7 years of experience working in the area of emergency and incident management at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). She has led the development of national policies and procedures, the development of a national electronic tool for all CRA emergency plans and security incidents and a complete review of the business continuity program. She has also planned, developed and facilitated multiple exercises and established an exercise program. Prior to her experience in security, Ann worked on information technology redesign projects as a business analyst. In February 2018, Ann joined the Departmental Security Officer (DSO) Centre for Development at the Privy Council Office to assist the DSO community with the development of exercises.

Presentation  Title - Exercise-in-a-box

Synopsis - Exercise-in-a-box is a compilation of operational best practices and is intended to support Government of Canada issued policy instruments. The presentation will focus on the importance of following a common methodology when developing exercises.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Ann's presentation, participants will:

  • be provided with tips on how to develop a successful exercise
  • be exposed to exercise planning traps
  • understand the steps of exercise planning
  • have access to templates
  • understand the importance of using a progressive approach to exercises
  • increase their knowledge of the exercise terminology

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