Vito Mangialardi, Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity, Metrolinx  



BIO - Vito Mangialardi, Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity Management, METROLINX
Vito is an experienced and certified Senior Business Continuity Management (BCM) professional with over 20 years of achievement delivering Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, Emergency and Incident Management Programs.
His career includes BCM program and project leadership and management delivering technology, facilities and operational initiatives to support business protection and growth in the nuclear, telecommunications, transportation, environmental and construction sectors.
Vito received the National Award for Achievement in Business Continuity Management from the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness in 2012 and was a past Executive member of the Canadian Telecom Emergency Preparedness Association (CTEPA)

Ralph Dunham, Retired BCP & RM Executive  



BIO - Ralph Dunham is a recently retired executive with more than 37 years of Information Technology, Business Continuity & Risk Management experience who held increasing levels of management responsibility in a variety of companies.
Ralph established and developed the Business Continuity consulting practice for Marsh Canada. Under his leadership, the organization developed a very positive reputation and grew to be one of the leading Business Continuity & Preparedness Planning consulting firms in Canada. As Managing Director, he had responsibility for all operational, business development, and financial aspects of the practice.
Ralph is a proven leader with strong communication, interpersonal, facilitation and mentoring skills.
Ralph is also a committed volunteer currently serving on several Boards.

Des O’Callaghan, Semi-retired Business Continuity Professional   



BIO - Des is a semi-retired business continuity professional who has divided his time between independent consulting, BCI volunteering, teaching and conference development for the past 8 years. This has followed an accomplished career of 21 years developing and leading BCM programs in the Canadian financial sector. Des became a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute in 1996. Currently Des is a member of the BCI Canada Chapter board, serving as Secretary, following terms as Director of Communications and Toronto Forum Leader. He volunteers for the BCI as an awards judge and content reviewer of course material and the GPG and has just been appointed as Chief Assessor.
Des has been a DRIE member since 1989 and has served a number of years on the Toronto Executive. For over 20 years he was Editor of the DRIE Digest and created the Real Event Log in May 1996, a popular feature which has run continuously ever since.

Presentation  Title - "The YouTube guide to BCM”.  “Everything I know, I learned from YouTube”. “And now for something completely different.”

Synopsis - Members will have an opportunity to discuss and learn about a broad range of BCM topics with a wide variety of opinions expressed in short segments. YouTube videos will set the stage, panel participants will initiate selective points of view and participants will have the opportunity to contribute their perspectives. Members will experience a diverse cross section of “lessons learned” presented in a light hearted manner. Everyone should be able to take home some thoughts and perspectives for consideration in their BCM programs. BCM topic to be covered (mini Ted talks approach @ only 8 minutes each): Professional Certified, Incident Management, BCM Exercising (Testing), Personal Preparedness and the BCP Responder, Operational Resiliency, BCM and Artificial intelligence, Cyber Risks, Climate Change, and Innocents and experience (DRIE delegates topics of choice)

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from the trio's presentation:

  • Might be disruptive with fun with lots of (new?) learning……and now re-read ‘the synopsis’.

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