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BIO - For over 29 years, John Robertson has been helping municipalities, first responders, educators, health care professionals, and more become catalysts for change to create more resilient organizations. His transformative approach to leadership – the S-H-I-F-T Approach – has helped them create positive change in their organizations, make their workplaces stronger, and enable their teams to face new challenges with confidence and strength.
John’s results-oriented, enthusiastic, and empathetic presentation style is paired with an extensive background and education in psychological health and safety, organizational culture, leadership and management, trauma treatment, and stress management.

Presentation  Title - From Surviving to Thriving! - The S-H-I-F-T Approach to Creating a Resilient Workplace & Culture

Synopsis - In this timely and thought-provoking presentation, you will learn about John Robertson’s S-H-I-F-T approach to leadership and discover new tools to help your organization not only withstand crises and change but actually grow and thrive with each successive event. The S-H-I-F-T approach presents a new way of thinking about your leadership role. This benefits leaders to set the tone and lead through change and develop strategies to enable a healthy, resilient workplace that supports growth, productivity, and a positive culture.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from John's presentation:

  • What resilience is – in a practical and real, not clinical, context
  • Why resilience matters – how to enable a healthy workplace and support people through change that results in a positive, engaged workforce
  • The 5 key factors that impact how you manage change or crises in the workplace and how to address them

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