Wesley McGregor - Director and Senior Strategist, CGI Group Inc.



BIO - Mr. McGregor is an accomplished professional with 32 years of experience in the information, communication and technology sectors. Working as an owner and employee in both small and large private sector companies, and having consulted for many years to Federal and Municipal governments, Wesley understands the challenges of the private sector and the complexity of the public service sector. Using his extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture, Wesley endeavours to deliver new and innovative solutions to enterprises seeking enlightened approaches to today’s business problems.  

Presentation Title
Enterprise Architecture: The Multi-Tool of the Enterprise 

Synopsis -  
Enterprise Architecture is a practice that is designed to guide and inform businesses throughout their lifetime. Through the capture of the external and internal environments as models, decisions can be tested before their realization as to their impact and viability. These models can be used in a number of areas from business continuity through to emergency management, from strategic planning to tactical on the ground responses.
This presentation will discuss the intricate and exciting world of Enterprise Architecture and how it can contribute to anyone’s area of expertise and probably already does. The well-kept secret practice of EA as a business “multi-tool” will be exposed to those who attend!

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Wes's presentation:

  1. The attendee will learn what EA is all about (it’s not just about technology) 
  2. What the key concepts and practices of EA are (the “guts” of EA) 
  3. The use of EA in strategic and tactical contexts (from CEO to front line staff) 
  4. How EA brings a business together (“all for one and one for all”)  
  5. How to determine if EA has value for you (you probably already use aspects of EA today!)
After Thoughts -  So what is Enterprise Architecture?  It is as big or little as the organization wants it to be.  Whether that be an enormously wide, wafer thin, look at the organization as a whole or a thin, but tremendously deep, look into the organization for something specific.  Wes has provided numerous examples of process and templates used for various incarnations of EA.  Take a look and if you feel like it let Wes know what you think via his Twitter or Linked In accounts. Check out Wes' presentation here

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